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Motorbike rental in Da Nang

(Ngày đăng: 12/01/2023)
Mocabike Da Nang, motorbike rental simple procedures, diverse models, competitive prices, and rental vehicles such as Air Blade, Wave Alpha, and Vision.

Motorbike rental in Da Nang, competitive price, quick procedure, regular maintenance motorbike, delivery on time.

Motorbike rental in Da Nang, mocabikeAir Blade motorbike rental:

Worthy of the top mid-range sports scooter for more than a decade, the all-new Air Blade has been upgraded to the engine.

ESP+ 4 exclusive, most advanced valves help bring in its power. The design is tweaked and colored with a sporty spirit, but still ensures overall harmonious lines and colors.

Large 23.2 -liter storage drawers allow up to 2 first half helmets and many other personal items while retaining the slim design.

Smart partitions can split the trunk into 2 separate compartments to increase convenience.

The new Air Blade is equipped with a USB charging port with a waterproof lid in the storage compartment under the saddle.

The charging port with a 2.1A output current makes phone charging become convenient, and fast, enhancing the experience for customers on all roads.

Wave Alpha motorbike rental:

Wave Alpha is youthful and dynamic with a completely new matte black and an impressive new stamp design, attracting eyes and giving you the confidence to show your personality on everything journey.

Equipped with a durable 110cc engine, outstanding performance while ensuring the ability to save fuel optimally.

Ensure the user has the best vision, limiting the case of forgetting to turn on the headlights when traveling in unsatisfactory lighting conditions.

Besides, the recognition of the motorbike when traveling on the street is also increased.

Vision motorbike rental:

Vision is always a favorite national motorbike, especially among young people thanks to its fashionable, youthful and compact design, superior fuel economy, and extremely durable.

Large storage compartment helps enhance the experience for customers. The lock structure is definitely assured when used.

Smart Key smart lock system helps to locate the motorbike and unlock the smart remote, bringing high-end utilities to customers.

ESP - Smart engine with compact design, 110cc, 4 -stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, and integrated advanced technologies.

Mocabike has a full form of renting Mocabike Da Nang motorbike by the day, weekly, long-term by month, and year in Ho Chi Minh City.

Contact: 0933 985 358 (Ms.Mai)

Address: 211 No Trang Long, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City - Motorbike rental in Da Nang.

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